Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is great. It has an amazing CMS that is flexible enough to bootstrap most product ideas. Wordpress also makes it easy for teams to collaborate and manage website updates.

Digital agencies love Wordpress too. It offers a friendly, battle-checked development process and helps to automate some of the work.

But WordPress is slow; it also quickly becomes insecure and expensive to maintain in the long run. 

I can help you keep the biggest advantages of Wordpress, such as its Admin Panel, while offering your visitors a blazing fast, stable and secure user experience through statically generated websites.

Wordpress and Gatsby

I specialise in using Wordpress Admin Panel to power statically generated React websites.

Static websites are amazing. They can be quickly accessed and loaded directly in your browser—no need to maintain a PHP server anymore. As a result, static websites significantly accelerate the speed and security of your web service.

That's not all, being React-based makes it straightforward to develop features, effects and experiences that would otherwise be extremely difficult within Wordpress.

Gatsby and React are also fantastic for SEO because they significantly improve page load speed.

I hope that my modest site is an excellent example of how smooth the experience of a static website is.

Let's chat

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