A few words about me

I am an experienced, Senior Developer based in the beautiful region of Opava in the Czech Republic.

I am the proudest of my two children. Having grown up already, it is a pleasure to watch how well they do in their lives. Interestingly, shortly after they moved out of the family home, I started to cook more and I got quite good at it! Hopefully it will be another reason for my children to come back home for a family meal.

I love mountains and spend a lot of time wandering around the Jeseníky region. If I’m not there, you will find me gardening with the help of my beautiful wife. Sometime my two independent cats, after they decide that they have nothing better to do, they’ll be keeping us a company.

You can speak to me in English, Czech and Polish.

Why work with me ?

You will find me extremely engaged in the projects I take on. I am passionate about tools and technology and use that passion to help solve problems for my clients. No need to worry though…having spent almost twenty years in executive management positions, I will not corner you with technical jargon!

In 2014, after looking for a change, I decided to focus solely on my passion for engineering. The breakthrough caused me to spend lots of rewarding hours experimenting and learning web development.

Since then, I have worked on dozens of projects varying in complexity. From sophisticated JavaScript applications in React, through to complex eCommerce platforms built with PHP upon Woocommerce and beautiful static websites generated in React, HTML5 and CSS3 using tools like Gatsby and Jekyll.

Let's chat

I would love to hear from you. Ask me about anything; your project, my availability, a quote or if you only want to stay in touch, say hi. I respond to my emails within 24 hours. Speak soon!